My name is Roger Harris and I am a 39 year old Steve McQueen fan.

When I was about 8 years old I settled down with my family to watch the film on television one night. It was called 'The Great Escape'. It was, and still is the best film I have ever seen! I was completely blown away by it. A few years later I saw another film that was almost as good. It was called 'The Sand Pebbles' - it starred the same guy who was in 'The Great Escape' - what was his name again, Steve something, oh yeah Steve McQueen. Hey, this guy is good! He's one of my favourite actors


In 1980, there was a first showing of a film that I had never even heard of, 'Papillon'. Steve McQueen was in it so I had to watch it - wow! it was that 'Great Escape' experience all over again! What a fantastic film - my second favourite film of all time. I went out the next day and bought the book (it was even better than the film!). That was it for me, I was hooked. Steve McQueen was my all time favourite film actor and hero. I started watching every film he had ever made. In 1983 I started work and with my first wage packet I bought a television and video. Blank tapes were expensive in those days, but I started my film collection. Taping 'The Great Escape' off television was one of my very first films. When I had a bit more money I started collecting every Steve McQueen film by taping them off the television.


In 1988, I went into a video shop in Worthing and they had 'The Thomas Crown Affair' in a bargain bin for £3.99. I had already taped the film off the television, but it was such a bargain I had to buy it. I then had to buy every McQueen film that was out on video. Then I had to buy the same film again when it was re-released.


In 1991 I was studying in Manchester and went to a small film fair. I was attracted to a stall which had a poster for 'The Towering Inferno' - the style B poster - on display. I had a chat with the guy there. Did he have a poster for 'The Great Escape'? No, but he had about half a dozen Steve McQueen film posters. I haggled with him and bought the lot. So started my collection of Steve McQueen film posters. Over the years, I went to auctions and film fairs and bought any McQueen film posters I found - and any other memorabilia - front of house sets - magazines etc. I once drove a 300 mile round trip to attend an auction and bid for (and buy) an original poster for 'The Great Escape'.


In 1997, I bought a computer and soon after I connected to the internet. It wasn't until January 1999 that I tried to set up a basic web site. I had always searched on the internet for Steve McQueen sites and always saved any film poster images I came across. Then I had an idea - what if I set up the kind of site that I was hoping to find. A site about Steve McQueen that showed ALL of his film posters. This site was created between 13th April 1999 and 27th April 1999, (although I have been adding posters regularly ever since).


On 27th April 1999, (my 34th birthday) I went public with my site and that is how you come to be here now. I hope you like it. If you’re a fan of Steve's, and you probably wouldn't have got this far if you're not, then maybe you too will understand my obsession.



Thanks Steve for all of those great films. This site is dedicated to you.


This is me with my son Steve, named after Mr. McQueen

(This photo was taken on the day this site was launched, our 34th and 4th birthdays respectively) 

Find out more about my own personal collection of Steve McQueen film posters

This site is run from Hereford, England.